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eXtension Campus is an online campus that provides objective research-based information and learning opportunities that help people improve their lives.  Campus hosts live webinars and online courses in many topics including Yard and Garden.  Many of these events are appropriate for UC Master Gardener volunteers seeking continuing education hours. 

Due to COVID-19 and the safety of our communities a statewide order of sheltering-in-place for California has made it necessary to cancel and or postpone all in person training classes.  The statewide UC Master Gardener Program office has established and will be managing a course on eXtension campus.  This course is functioning as a repository for UC Master Gardener related training that volunteers can view remotely.  Recordings, online resources and quizzes, for volunteers will be posted in the course as they become available during this time of transition. Access to this is FREE and open to the public.  

Course: UC Master Gardener Recorded Trainings

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After logging into eXtension Campus either as a guest or with your personally created log on use the search function to find the UC Master Gardener Recorded Trainings course by title. This course is functioning as a repository for UC Master Gardener related training that volunteers can view remotely.  Recordings, online resources and quizzes, for volunteers will be posted here as they become available during this time of transition.   

Course Table of Contents

  1. Home Survival in Wildfire-Prone Areas Design & Maintenance Considerations (Fire)
  2. Maintaining an Existing Landscape (Drought Related)
  3. Planning a Low Water Landscape (Drought Related)
  4. Introduction to Horticulture (Training Class)
  5. Botany for Gardeners (Training Class)
  6. Weeds (Training Class)
  7. Weed Management in the Landscape (Training Class)
  8. Control of Weeds in the Garden Landscape (Training Class)
  9. Diagnosing and Managing Arthropod Pests (Training Class)
  10. Plant Identification- tools and techniques for learning how to identify plants (Training Class)
  11. Plant Propagation (Training Class)
  12. Vertebrate Pest Management (Training Class)
  13. Plant Diagnostics (Training Class)
  14. Entomology (Training Class)
  15. Climate Change: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions (Climate Related)
  16. Asian Citrus Psyllid for Backyard Growers (IPM)
  17. Slugs and Snails (IPM)
  18. Avocado Cankers and their Causes (IPM)
  19. Avocado Root Rot Disease Management (IPM)
  20. Laurel Wilt Disease (IPM)
  21. Invasive Shot-hole Borer (IPM)
  22. Bee Gardening (Horticulture)
  23. Container Gardening (Ornamentals)
  24. Gardening in Crisis: An American Norm (General)
  25. Creating an Oasis for Yourself and Others (General)
  26. Virtual UC Master Gardener Mini-Conference
    • 1A: Growing Together Through it All! (General)
    • 1B: Gardeners with Heart: Incredible Volunteers Doing Incredible Work (General)
    • 1C: Houseplants: Soil, water and such for sustainable indoor growing (Horticulture)
    • 2A: Composting for Soil Health (Horticulture)
    • 2B: Search for Excellence Winner: Reminiscence Gardening (General)
    • 2C: Search for Excellence Second Place: Gardening with Underserved Communities (General)
    • 3A: Fire Safe Landscaping, S. Calif. (Horticulture)
    • 3B: Preserving Your Garden Harvest (General)
    • 3C: Search for Excellence Third Place: Mornings at Martial Cottle Park...Lessons in the garden for school children (General)
  27. UC Master Gardener LIVE Series 
    • 1: Pollinator Party! Three Principles for Bee Gardening  (Horticulture)
    • 2: Tomato Troubles! Common Tomato Problems in the Home Garden  (Horticulture)
    • 3: Healthy Soils Week: Tips to keep your garden soil healthy (Horticulture)
    • 4: Invasive Plants: Planting right with PlantRight! (Horticulture)

28. ABC's of Horticulture (English and Spanish) (Horticulture)
29. Urban and Community Integrated Pest Management Webinars

  • Controlling Weeds (IPM)
  • Invasive Species in California (Part 2) (IPM)
  • Squirrels (IPM)
  • Understanding Subterranean Termites: the Social Cockroaches Eating Our Homes (IPM)
  • Bed Bug Prevention (IPM)
  • New Year, New Pests (Invasive Pests, Part 1) (IPM)
  • Understanding Pesticides (IPM)
  • Controlling Ants Around the Home (IPM)
  • Identifying Insect Pests in the Home and Garden (IPM)
  • Weed Identification (IPM)
  • Plant Diseases and Abiotic Disorders (IPM)
  • IPM for Rodents (IPM)
  • Springtime Household pests (IPM)
  • Navigating the UC IPM website and new features (IPM)
  • What is IPM? (IPM)
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