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Since the creation of the first UC Master Gardener Programs in 1980, certified UC Master Gardeners have shared their knowledge and passion for gardening with local communities, donating more than 5.4 million hours of volunteer service. Through our commitment to our mission of extending research based gardening information to the public, the UC Master Gardener Program  is creating a healthier California.

Making a Difference in Your Community

UC Master Gardeners strive for healthier communities, environments, and plants. We teach community members about water conservation, protecting wildlife, green waste reduction and energy conservation. We give residents the skills and knowledge to make a difference in their everyday gardening practices.

UC Master Gardeners empower communities to grow food and make healthier food choices. UC Master Gardeners increase science literacy through hands-on workshops, encouraging community members to get outside, learn new skills, meet new people, and celebrate diversity.

Annual Fund: Support for Today

The UC Master Gardener Program would not thrive without the generous support of community members like you. Support the positive impacts across California of the UC Master Gardener Program by making a charitable contribution to the Annual Fund.

Your generous donation supports program initiatives, including drought management in the garden: creating local, sustainable food systems for communities: and protecting the beautiful diverse landscape across our state.

Endowment Fund: Support for the Future

By making a contribution to the UC Master Gardener Endowment you are making one of the most selfless and charitable acts of philanthropy.  Endowment contributions are a gift that keeps on giving, continuing to grow for future generations and lasting in perpetuity. 

Endowed funds are investments that are managed by the Office of the Chief Investment Officer of the UC Regents. The income generated from the endowment is used to support the mission of the UC Master Gardener Program across the state, leaving the body of the fund intact.

Planning Your Charitable Contributions

There are several ways to support the UC Master Gardener Program with varying tax advantages. For more information about the different types of charitable contributions you can make or plan for in the future. Visit our Ways to Give page for more information

Corporate Partnerships and Sponsors

The UC Master Gardener Program welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with corporations and foundations to enhance our mission and encourage a healthier California. By building partnerships we can strengthen our program and better serve the public. If you would like to discuss ideas for us to work together, please contact Mary Ciricillo