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UC Master Gardeners are constantly in the news across the state. Here is a collection of recent publications and articles written by or about the UC Master Gardener Program. Have a story to share? We'd love to hear! Submit a story or article for consideration with the
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December 2021

Master Gardener: Helpful garden tips for December. (hanfordsentinel.com, 12/01/2021)
Tom Karwin, On Gardening: Thankful for plants of the Mediterranean. (mercurynews.com, 12/01/2021)
Grow For It! Protecting your plants from frost damage. (villagelife.com, 12/01/2021)
The Real Dirt — Peach leaf curl. (eastbaytimes.com, 12/01/2021)
A teaching garden is taking root in Salinas through the Monterey Bay Master Gardeners. (montereycountyweekly.com, 12/02/2021)
A short history of the Master Gardener program. (chicoer.com, 12/04/2021)
Napa County Master Gardeners: Try a smoke bush in a drought-tolerant garden. (napavalleyregister.com, 12/03/2021)
The Real Dirt -- Christmas cactus, cactus from the rainforest. (eastbaytimes.com, 12/04/2021)
How to plant onions at home, plus tips for growing garlic and shallots. (pe.com, 12/05/2021)
The Climate Connection: Regeneration starts at home. (napavalleyregister.com, 12/05/2021)
Putting The Garden To Bed. (mymotherlode.com, 12/05/2021)
Garden Checklist: Enjoy the quiet of a winter garden. (hanfordsentinel.com, 12/08/2021)
Tom Karwin, On Gardening | Mexican perennials. (santacruzsentinel.com, 12/10/2021)
Master gardeners: What to do about kale-eating critters. (redding.com, 12/10/2021)
Poinsettia — la flor de nochebuena | The Real Dirt. (chicoer.com, 12/10/2021)
Welcome edible native berries to your garden. (marina.com, 12/10/2021)
How to get your amaryllis bulbs to bloom after the holidays. (pe.com, 12/13/2021)
Master Gardener: Succulent gifts from your garden. (hanfordsentinel.com, 12/12/2021)
Preparing Garden Tools For Winter Break. (mymotherlode.com, 12/12/2021)
How to get your amaryllis bulbs to bloom after the holidays. (sbsun.com, 12/13/2021)
Master Gardener: A wonderful backyard fruit tree. (hanfordsentinel.com, 12/15/2021)
Master Gardeners: The drought-tolerant manzanita. (napavalleyregister.com, (12/18/2021)
Oak galls and mistletoe: nature's decorations. (chicoer.com, 12/17/2021)
Placer Master Gardener: Winter garden to-do's include weeds, daffodils. (goldcountrymedia.com, 12/18/2021)
Geese In The Garden. (mymotherlode.com, 12/19/2021)
What you need to know about growing cilantro. (mymotherlode.com, 12/19/2021)
Master Gardener: Add some cheer with cyclamens. (hanfordsentinel.com, 12/27/2021)
Gardening and preserving go hand-in-hand: Become a Master Food Preserver. (recordnet.com, 12/22/2021)
Master Gardener: The 911 on creatures, critters and more. (thenews-messenger.com, 12/22/2021)
Tom Karwin, On Gardening | Mexican succulent plants. (santacruzsentinel.com, 12/24/2021)
Master Gardeners: Flowers for a winter garden. (napavalleyregister.com, 12/25/2021)
Winter reading suggestion: 'Braided Sweetgrass’. (chicoer.com, 12/25/2021)
The many delights of observing in a winter garden. (marinij.com, 12/24/2021)
Tom Karwin, On Gardening: Chilean perennials for fall planting season. (mercurynews.com, 12/24/2021)
Let it Sow!. (championnewspapers.com, 12/25/2021)
Why cover crops are good for winter gardening. (pe.com, 12/26/2021)
Reviewing Garden Priorities. (mymotherlode.com, 12/26/2021)
Master Gardener: Garden tips for the New Year. (hanfordsentinel.com, 12/29/2021)
What you need to know about growing cilantro. (eastbaytimes.com, 12/29/2021)
Tom Karwin, On Gardening | Seasonal pruning into the new year. (santacruzsentinel.com, 12/31/2021) 
Which seeds to plant in Northern California. (redding.com, 12/31/2021)

Caring for an indoor garden. (chicoer.com, 12/31/2021)

Biodiversity loss and climate change are partners in environmental crime. (marinij.com, 12/31/2021)



November 2021

Tom Karwin, On Gardening | Thorns, prickles and spines. (SantaCruzSentinel.com, 11/04/2021)
Grow For It! Autumn garden care. (villagelife.com, 11/04/2021)
Know which plants can harm your garden, animals. (redding.com, 11/04/2021
Napa County Master Gardeners: How and why to avoid invasive plants in Napa County. (napavalleyregister.com, 11/05/2021)
The Real Dirt: Cacti as landscape plants. (Eastbaytimes.com, 11/05/2021)
Marin’s bay laurel trees are under attack. (marinij.com, 11/05/2021)
No-chill bulbs for spring planting | The Real Dirt. (chicoer.com, 11/05/2021)
The easiest California natives to grow in containers don’t require much water. (ocregister.com, 11/06/2021)
Guess My Age: Long-Lived House Plants. (mymotherlode.com, 11/07/2021)
What to know about growing wine grapes at home. (pe.com, 11/07/2021)
Daylilies – a colorful summer garden staple. (hanfordsentinel.com, 11/15/2021)
The season of bright leaf color. (chicer.com, 11/12/2021)
It's persimmon season — what to know to grow and harvest them. (ocregister.com, 11/14/2021)
Cover Crops: What, Why, When, And Where. (mymotherlode.com, 11/14/2021)
Master Gardener: Utilize your talent and creativity with home-grown wreathes. (hanfordsentinel.com, 11/17/2021)
Garden tools are worth their weight in gold. (hanfordsentinel.com, 11/17/2021)
New rain helps California native plants take root. (mercurynews.com, 11/17/2021)
Peach leaf curl. (chicoer.com, 11/19/2021)
Still time to plant perennials and California natives. (championnewspapers.com, 11/20/2021)
Napa County Master Gardeners: Preparing for winter. (napavalleyregister.com, 11/20/2021)
Master Gardener: A yam is not always a yam. (goldcountrymedia.com, 11/20/2021)
Holiday Decorations From Nature. (mymotherlode.com, 11/21/2021)
Master Gardener: Meet the goldenrain tree. (hanfordsentinel.com, 11/24/2021)
Master Gardeners of Napa County: Getting rid of unwanted guests in the garden. (napavalleyregister.com, 11/26/2021)
Use rain gardens to bank water in your garden. (marinij.com, 11/26/2021)
Garden tip: Dudleya, a protected succulent in California. (marinij.com, 11/26/2021)
Experimental Gardening. (mymotherlode.com, 11/28/2021)
What to do in the garden in Southern California’s fall weather. (pe.com, 11/28/2021)
Drought curbs spread of sudden oak death in California. (pressdemocrat.com, 11/29/2021)

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