July Pest Prevention Tips

July Pest Prevention Tips

Follow these tips for the month of July to prevent pests in the garden and landscape. To see more tips specific to your region, visit the Seasonal Landscape IPM Checklist on the UC IPM website.

  • Clean up fallen fruit or nuts to avoid attracting or harboring pests.
  • Deter borers by deep watering trees that are adapted to summer rainfall. Avoid pruning or creating open wounds that can also attract borers.
  • Cover fruit trees with netting to exclude birds and other vertebrate pests.
  • Prevent Eutypa dieback. Prune apricots and cherries only during July and August in inland areas and during August near the coast.
  • Look for leaffooted bugs feeding on fruit and nuts such as almonds, pistachios, and pomegranates.
  • Maintain a fire safe landscape by creating “defensible space.” Thin out thick vegetation and eliminate fuel ladders that allow fire to climb up trees or structures. Remove dry, resinous or dead plants and flammable debris. Cut branches back 15 to 20 feet from buildings. Use non-combustible surfaces for walkways, patios and driveways.
  • Bag apple and pear fruit to prevent codling moth damage. Remove infested or dropped fruit promptly.
  • Monitor for redhumped caterpillars. Look for skeletonized leaves or individual caterpillars feeding on sweet gum, plum, walnut, redbud, and other deciduous trees and shrubs.
  • Inspect apple, citrus and especially stone fruit for bacterial blast, blight, and canker. Remove entire affected branches in the summer, making cuts several inches away in healthy wood.
  • Watch for yellowjackets and other wasps. Keep garbage cans sealed and eliminate food or drinks left outside. Use lure or water traps to control yellowjacket populations.

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Pest prevention tips for July.
Pest prevention tips for July.

By Lauren Fordyce
Author - Urban and Community IPM Educator