Keep your Garden Healthy as it Kicks into High Gear - April Garden Tips

Mar 25, 2024

Keep your Garden Healthy as it Kicks into High Gear - April Garden Tips

Mar 25, 2024

As April unfolds, California gardeners eagerly anticipate the season's lush beauty. With frost receding into memory and temperatures climbing, it's time to welcome a fresh wave of blossoms and produce. Whether you reside in the north, south, or somewhere in between, here's a comprehensive checklist to help guide your April gardening activities:


Gardener trimming lettuce with scissors while a ladybeetle crawls across a leaf.

  1. Conceal Fading Bulb Foliage. Hide fading bulb foliage with shallow-rooted annuals like lobelia or sweet alyssum. This not only enhances the garden's appearance but also aids in vital nutrient transfer for next year's blooms.


  1. Monitor Roses. As roses leaf out and bud, monitor them for aphids. If you find aphids, remove them from your plants with a strong stream of water. This practice helps manage populations so you don't end up with a large colony.  


  1. Add Summer Annuals. Brighten flower beds with summer-blooming annuals, enriching the soil with organic compost to support vibrant growth and colorful displays.


  1. Plant Summer Vegetables. Sow seeds or transplant summer vegetables as the weather gets warmer, ensuring they receive sufficient sunlight and nutrient-rich soil. Hold off on planting tomato starts until nighttime temperatures remain above 55?F to avoid frost damage.


  1. Pest Control. Safeguard young plants from pests like snails, slugs, and earwigs by using traps. Regular monitoring and intervention help maintain garden health.


  1. Mulch Application. Apply mulch around trees and in beds to retain soil moisture as temperatures rise. This helps conserve water and provides insulation to plant roots during warmer weather.


  1. Plant Frost-Tender Species. Introduce frost-tender species appropriate to your growing zone. Ensure regular watering to keep the root zone moist but not waterlogged.


  1. Care for Citrus and Fruit Trees. Prune frost-damaged branches to promote healthy growth and fruit production. Proper care ensures a bountiful harvest later in the season.


  1. Weed Management. As weeds pop up after all the Spring rains, employ non-chemical methods like cultivation, handweeding, or mowing to manage weeds effectively. Keeping weeds in check helps maintain the health and aesthetics of your garden beds.


With this April garden checklist, you're well-equipped to embrace the season's abundance and nurture a thriving garden.

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By Barbra Pushies
Author - Statewide Communications Specialist