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Vegetable Gardening

Person looking at lettuce leaves in a raised garden bed.

It is easy to grow your own vegetables weather in a container, your yard, a community garden plot or a on a large ranch property!

To have a successful garden just follow the seven basic rules of vegetable gardening: 

  1. Plant only as much as you can easily maintain. 
  2. Create a garden plan before you begin. 
  3. Grow fruits and vegetables that produce high yields in the space available. 
  4. Plant during the correct season for the crop you would like to grow. Select varieties recommended for your climate zone
  5. Select a garden site that has at least 8 hours of full sun each day, avoid shaded locations. 
  6. Prepare the soil and amend and fertilize as needed. 
  7. Harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs at the correct stage of maturity.