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LIVE Series

We hope you join us for this new LIVE series to learn more about gardening. There is no cost to participate and the webinars are open to all. If you can’t attend the live webinar, a recording will be available on YouTube.

Live streamed to Facebook and YouTube 



The UC Master Gardener LIVE videos can be counted as continuing education hours for UC Master Gardener Volunteers. Whether you join LIVE or watch the recording be sure to record your continuing education hours in the Volunteer Management System (VMS). 

LIVE Series Schedule

Healthy Soils Week Dec. 5-9

Thank you for joining the UC Master Gardener Program for Healthy Soils Week, Dec. 5-9. Find a full list of partners participating in Healthy Soils Week and a calendar of this year's online activities at: cdfa.ca.gov/healthysoilsweek.
No registration or special link needed, the talks will be streamed LIVE to Facebook and YouTube on Dec. 5-9.
Healthy Soil: In nature sometime less is more
Descriptions: Understanding the nature and composition of soil is the first step in our understanding of how to achieve sustainable, healthy soil in our gardens.

Speaker: Mike Corby, UC Master Gardener Volunteer Contra Costa County


Harnessing the Magic of the Soil Food Web: Turning Dirt into Gold
Description: Soil is the foundation for life providing habitat, recycling wastes and toxins, providing structural and nutritional support for plants. Over the past 150 years, more industrial practices have replaced natural methods that degrade soil structure and degrade populations of soil organisms, weakening the natural control of soil borne diseases and pests. This has contributed to a reliance on the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides. These chemicals not only affect the soil, but the biodiversity of organisms that rely on the soil and the plants that grow in it. Nurturing soil is one of the best things you can do as a gardener. Plants thrive in soil that is teeming with life. Learn why this really matters and how to modify your soils to improve plant health and reduce disease and pests.

Speaker: Kit Veerkamp, UC Master Gardener Volunteer El Dorado County and Landscape Architect

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